Team-Based Learning

Peer Evaluations

For the peer evaluations in my course, I use a likert-scale rating system for a series of team contribution questions followed by two open response feedback questions. Students complete the peer evaluation form in Qualtrics which incorporates drop-down menus to allow students to select their team number and teammates names when completing the survey. You can view the survey here:

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To compile the peer evaluations into a distributable form, I created an R code (link to download R code) and associated README file: Download the READMe file. This file also contains instructions on adapting the Peer Evaluation survey to your course.

Additional Documents:

Template of CSV file to generate the team number and teammate name dropdown menu: team_template.csv
Mailmerge word file: Peer Evaluation Word Document and example excel file for compiling the mail merge document: Peer Evaluation Excel Compile Document

Send me an email ( if you have any questions or feedback on these documents.