Peer Review Publications

Lacy, K. & Huffman, W.E. (2016). Consumer Demand for Potato Products and Willingness-to-Pay for Low-Acrylamide, Sulfite-Free Fresh Potatoes and Dices: Evidence from Lab Auctions. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 41(1), 116-137. (PDF)

Miranowski, J. A. & Lacy, K. M. (2017). When Do Resistance Management Practices Pay for the Farmer and Society? The Case of Western Corn Rootworm. AgBioForum, 19(2), 173-183. (PDF)


Work in Progress

“Market Share Inequality in U.S. Agriculture” (with Skyler Schneekloth and Peter Orazem)

“Farmer’s Use of Resistance Management Practices” (with J. Arbuckle)

“Effect of Information on Willingness-to-Pay” (with Wallace Huffman)

“Effect of intrinsic conservation beliefs and extrinsic budget shift on printing use” (with Charity Elijah and Peter Orazem)