Peer Review Publications

Lacy, K., Orazem, P. F., & Schneekloth, S. (2022). Measuring the American farm size distributionAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics.

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Extension Publications

Emm, S., Lacy, K., Bordigioni, M., Bishop, C., & Chichester, L. (2021). Changes in Behavior of Local Meat Consumers due to COVID-19 in NevadaJournal of the NACAA, 14(2). 

Research Brief

Lacy, K., Bordigioni, M., Ward, R., Emm, S., Allen, K., & Whyte, A. (2021). Consumer Preferences For Locally Raised Beef. Western Rural Development Center. February 2021.

Professional Publications

Harris, T. R., Helmar, M., Kataikas, A., Dominguez, M., Bordigioni, M., & Lacy, K. (2021). Nevada Meat Processing Study: Phase I. University Center for Economic Development: Report prepared for CABNR Dean’s Office.

Harris, T. R., Kataikas, A., Dominguez, M., Lacy, K., Bordigioni, M., Hastings, J., & Helmar, M. (2021). Nevada Meat Processing Study: Phase 2, Potential for Commercial Slaughter/Processing Facility. Report prepared for CABNR Dean’s Office.

Work Under Review

“Knowledge gains and household adoption fo genetically engineered potatoes: the role of information and agreement” (with Wallace Huffman and Jonathan McFadden)

Work in Progress

“Reducing malnutrition and improving child health during the era of climate change: Is health insurance effective?” (with Anaka Aiyar and Dilek Uz)

“The distribution of ranch sizes in the U.S.”

“Shifting preferences for locally raised beef and consumer shopping patterns”

“Experimental Evidence on how Budgets, Prices, and Nudges Affect Conservation Behavior” (with Peter Orazem)

“The simultaneous adoption of resistance management practices to control weeds” (with J. Arbuckle)